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Clear Canvas: A Reader Program for CD images

Every patient brings their films on CD. It can take forever to let each disc load its reader software and images. A much faster way to get the images is to have a reader program resident on your computer, as a free standing program, pre-loaded, just like Microsoft Word is a free standing program. Then when you insert the patient’s CD, the images will dump into the program. Not only is it the fastest way to get to the images, it also offers the ease of navigating the same software every time, rather than having to figure out the commands of each different reader program.

I am using Clear Canvas, available as a free program from When go to their site, you will register for free, then go to downloads. The product you want is the Workstation.

After you download the program, you double click from your desktop to start the program. Insert the patient CD, and cancel the Autoplay feature to keep the disc program from loading. Now, go to Clear Canvas and click the “Computer” tab, and then right-click on the drive containing the disc. Choose “Import.” A progress bar will display. After all the images have come into Clear Canvas, click the “Dicom” tab. Find the patient name and double-click the study you want to view.

I am constantly using the “cross reference lines” feature to see where I am, and of course the “windowing” feature to adjust brightness and contrast. This program has streamlined my office practice!

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